Find A Pest

ants-pestCarpenter Ants: These ants are one of the most common insects found in New England and one of the most destructive. If they are allowed to colonize in your home, carpenter ants will tunnel into wooden timbers, and if left untreated, can grow into the thousands! Maguire Pest Control has been ridding homes of these pests for over 100 years. Remember, these insects are more than just a nuisance.

tick-pestDeer Ticks: Deer ticks are thriving in New England. These parasites live in mulch beds, along fences, stone walls, and around the edges of our lawns. Deer ticks carry lyme disease and the tick’s two year life cycle allows them plenty of opportunity to feed on small game, pets, and people. Maguire Pest Control knows when and where to treat your property to reduce this threat to the health of your family. Don’t take chances with deer ticks!

termite-pestTermites: Termites remain one of the biggest threats to our homes. Unfortunately, because they are so secretive, considerable damage can be done to a structure before termites are even detected! If you find damaged wood, mud tunnels, or clusters of flying insects, you may have termites The good news is that Maguire Pest Control utilizes the newest treatment and baiting methods to rid homes of these destructive pests. Not sure if you have termites? Just call us! We will be happy to visit your home and identify insects at no charge!

bedbug-pestBed Bugs: It’s no secret that over the last decade bed bugs returned as one of New England’s most common pests. Once thought to be eradicated, the bed bug is increasingly found in homes, apartments, colleges and elder care facilities. Maguire Pest Control has 100 plus years in eliminating bed bugs from every environment and our technicians understand the anxiety a bed bug infestation can cause. Call us today and one of our bed bug specialists will inspect your home and design a safe and sure solution to eliminate bed bugs.

mouse-pestHouse Mice: Do you hear noises in your walls? Are you finding droppings in the kitchen or basement? If so, you may have mice. These uninvited visitors have been entering structures since the stone age. Mice are destructive, unsanitary and if left untreated, mice will multiply faster than you can trap them. Maguire Pest Control uses a two pronged approach to first eliminate all resident mice and then to determine how they are getting in. Don’t put up with the mystery and mess of getting rid of mice.

roach-pestCockroaches: These insects live and multiply in structures because they like and need all things that people do such as shelter, heat, food and moisture. Maguire Pest Control’s approach to cockroaches involves eliminating the resident insects, interrupting the development of new insects, and then instruction about how you can make your home or business less inviting to cockroaches.

bee-pestHornets & Bees: These seasonal invaders can nest in attics and upon the exterior of houses. Don’t risk getting stung by hornets, yellow jackets, or carpenter bees!

powder-pestPowder Post Beetles: If you notice small holes in the exposed timbers of your home or powdery material falling from wood, you may have powder post beetles. This insect feeds on hard woods and can exist for years in a structure before they are detected. Let Maguire Pet Control take the mystery out of powder post beetles in your home.

pantry-pestPantry & Fabric Pests: Are you finding moths in your kitchen or tiny insects in cereals and grains? How about small holes in woolen apparel? If so you may have stored product pests. One thing is certain, it takes a professional to identify which species is in your home to then advise proper treatment. After all, Maguire Pest Control has been eliminating store product pests for over 100 years.